Sales Training


Sales Training requires a robust process that helps increase close success rates and the predictability of forecasting.

Leadership Track recognise that sales is the life blood of any business and cannot be left to chance. Good training courses drives results.


Our Training Courses  involves the personal development of skills and techniques related to creating and exploring new sales opportunities, as well as closing sales for an organisation.

Sales people will learn that being prepared is essential for success. When confronted with a potential customer being prepared with the product, pricing etc can make all the difference and learning how to read the ‘Buyers Signals’ will allow the sales person to perform at his/her optimum level.

Remember: Over 50% of sales people give up at 1st contact if they get a ‘NO’ from the prospect, never to go back to that prospect again.

Sometimes it can be difficult to achieve the  sale
or close the deal. There are always objections and excuses. If you want to achieve a higher success rate, then it is time to try Leadership Track’s approach to Training.

Leadership Track offer innovative solutions such as benchmarking the current  team via assessment centres and providing a proposed improvement plan. We will challenge not only your  team, but your process, your marketing strategy and even your operations teams to improve success and drive revenue. Leadership Track’s Impact Dashboard is able to track improvements.

Sales Training

Too many teams receive little or no formal training and the training they do receive does not focus on the process and the attributes required to succeed.

Key to this process are elements such as knowing conversion ratios and building resilience– what does good look like and being able to replicate in order to grow.

When coupled with our Impact Dashboard product Leadership Track can offer a very powerful consultancy that will be improve your operation.

Sales Team