Remote Learning


An alternative to Open Schedule courses post Coronvirus.

Leadership Track has developed a true cost effective alternative that will provide a real solution to an employees skills gap. Individual Remote Learning, all delivered by an instructor.

Individual Courses with an Instructor on ZOOM

Per Person, Per Course.

No E-Learning & No Group Sessions

Whilst learning and training is always changing, the pandemic of the Coronavirus has sped this change up ten-fold. No longer is it seen as safe to ask 12 people to travel on a combination of private and public transport to a new location, with perhaps 10 other training rooms filled with a further 120 people who have travelled from all over the UK (and sometimes Europe) to train together.

In addition to no longer being safe, it is no longer seen as practical, time efficient or even carbon efficient to do so.

However people still need training. The traditional options available can seem very limited:

Individual Sessions on ZOOM

All delivered via Zoom on a 1:1 basis, over a time period to suit the individual learner (and organisation) although typically over 3 weeks in short 1 or 2 hour sessions. 

Delegates will be able to bring real examples into sessions and the instructor will also look to follow up and consolidate previous sessions. Learning over a longer time frame with real examples and on a 1:1 basis will allow the learner more opportunity to change their behaviour and practice what they have learned.