Learn & Lead


Leadership Track will build a tailored Leadership & Management training programme to suit your organisation be that with new first line managers or experienced board members.

Please see the 2020 report published by the CMI on the current state and future of Leadership & Management in the UK. “MANAGEMENT 2020 Leadership to Unlock Long Term Growth.”

Some leaders may indeed be born – however for the rest of us it is possible to be taught and to learn these behaviours and skills.

Here at Leadership Track, we recognise that Leadership & Management training is about behaviour change and that any programme will encompass a wide range of subject matter requiring an individual to change their behaviour and master new skills as well.

We believe behaviours are more important than specific skills and just as with skills, behaviour change/improvement requires practice and reinforcement over time. Leaders need help to keep practising and staying on track, at Leadership Track we not only deliver the training but also ensure we measure the success and how much practice is being completed along the way.

The Leadership programme will use your organisation’s values as its core and layering on top additional behaviours and then the skills required in your specific industry, sector or job role to make a truly great leader.

Psychometric evaluation and emotional intelligence – Leadership Track are able to deploy products such as Insights Discovery, Myers Briggs or DISC to further enhance an individual’s understanding of their own and others behaviours. These products make for a great start to any leadership or management programme.

All courses can also be delivered via Remote Training

Measuring Training Effectiveness

The more involved you are as an employer, the more successful your Leadership and Management programme will be. With Leadership Track’s Impact Dashboard the effectiveness of the training will continue long after the trainer as left the room. Leadership & Management Training can be delivered at your premises or via webinars, in full days, short sessions or as a residential course.