Training & Development


Our Approach is

We are different because in addition to delivering management training we measure the impact of the training for up to 12 months after the courses. As a Training & Development Company we are the leaders in MEASURING TRAINING

Remote Learning


ONLY £396+VAT PER PERSON PER COURSE – the real alternative to Open Schedule courses post Coronvirus

  • NO E-learning 
  • NO Group sessions
  • All delivered via Zoom on a 1:1 basis
  • A time period to suit the individual learner (and organisation) although typically over 3 weeks in short 1 or 2 hour sessions. 

Example Impact Dashboard

Measuring Training

Leadership Track base our metrics dashboard around the Kirkpatrick evaluation method to ensure we enhance training delivered. The Kirkpatrick methodology splits training evaluation into 4 levels – Reaction, Learning, Behaviour and Results.

Implementing effective behaviour change is difficult – human beings are creatures of habit and so whilst an individual training event is a great start, as a Training & Development Company we believe to truly succeed with behaviour change, ongoing support is critical. That is why all our training COURSES come with the option of our industry leading Impact Dashboard to measure Return on Investment. 

Leadership Track is a training and development company that delivers a wide range of solutions encompassing leadership & management training and personal development training.

All training is designed to suit specific clients and their requirements as every client is unique. Not only is the content tailored but delivery methods are also tailored, short sessions, online, blended, classroom and desk side 1:1 coaching are all available.

Training for your company means employees are prepared and engaged and the employer has the best workforce possible.


Traditionally most training is evaluated at the Reaction level only – the ‘Happy Sheet’ which merely asks delegates subjective questions about the training and their experience on the day. To really know if the training is working, evaluation needs to be much deeper and move into Learning, Behaviour and Results levels. Leadership Track will work with you to design a metrics dashboard that will evaluate the learning undertaken at these deeper levels.

In order to achieve this,  training must be measured not just immediately after the session, or 1 week after the session, but at regular intervals for up to a year following the session/s. Leadership Track are both willing and able to do this.